Jurislex Law Firm is now accepting crypto currency payments for our services!

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Jurislex is the first law firm in Spain to accept cryptocurrencies payments

We are a Spanish national law firm specialized in taxes, public administration affairs and public services contracts. Recently we had several requests from our customers to receive payments in cryptocurrencies and we decided to set this new payment method for our services.

Our specialization in taxes and public affairs its sometimes directly linked to cryptocurrency world, several clients we represent are miners and crypto traders. Jurislex is the Spanish national leader company in crypto currency and legal taxes affairs, offering our services regarding BitCoin and similars since 2015.

You are planning to set in Spain your crypto-currency business? Jurislex can take in charge of all legal affairs for you.

You need to pay our services in crypto currencies? Jurislex now accepts BitCoin and Ethereum payments.

Contact us for more information.

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